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About Manish Singh

Dr. Manish Singh is a recovering scientist and venture capitalist with a successful track-record as a public company CEO in value creation. Dr. Singh’s goal is to create virtual companies that can build on significant innovations taking place in immunology today by combining risk capital, great people and innovative products.

Dr. Singh holds an MBA from University of California Los Angeles and a PhD in chemical and biochemical engineering from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. After graduation, Dr. Manish Singh held various management and scientific positions at Cell Genesys, Chiron Corporation and Genetic Therapy, Inc. Today, Manish Singh, PhD, serves as Managing Director of Molecule Capital, LLC, a medical and technology focused fund. Prior to Molecule Capital, LLC, Dr. Singh served as Chairman and CEO of Iovance Biotherapeutics, an immunotherapy company focused on multiple solid cancers. Earlier in his career, Dr. Manish Singh also served as the CEO of ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd., and as director at the venture capital firm California Technology Ventures, where he managed investments in a number of medical device and biotechnology firms while serving as a board director or observer for several of the firm’s portfolio companies.

In his early years of scientific training, Dr. Manish Singh rarely studied or worried about nutrition. Overtime, he saw how certain gene expressions can be easily modified not by editing the genes but simply by modulating the on/off switches of genes. Singh found that foods are not different than medicines in that way. If you take the right foods you can control many processes. Furthermore, having grown up in India, Manish Singh knew of the old tradition of using food’s healing properties. Unfortunately, most of us in the modern age ignore the power of proper nutrition completely. This lack of awareness is mostly because we don’t fully understand it. Once you start digging into it, you find how to control some of ailments. Dr. Manish Singh hopes to share the effectiveness of proper nutrition with you!